Liberals are "shocked to discover they can’t just walk out of the store with a gun.” - Granite Grok

Liberals are “shocked to discover they can’t just walk out of the store with a gun.” - Anti Gun Californians

This virus-thingy is creating all sorts of learning opportunities. Some folks are acquiring technology skills to participate in remote work or learning. And anti-gun liberals are finding out that the anti-gun narratives they live and scream by are total partisan Bulls**t!

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Especially in anti-gun California.

More than a dozen of these buyers (men and women) actually thought that since they filled out and signed everything, they could just walk out and go home with the firearm. Several actually said they saw how easy it was to buy a gun on TV and why did they have to fill out all these forms.

The majority of these first-timers lost their minds when we went through the Ammo Law requirements. Most used language not normally heard, even in a gun range. We pointed out that since no one working here voted for these laws, then maybe they might know someone who did. And, maybe they should go back and talk to those people and tell them to re-think their position on firearms – we were trying to be nice.

Ha. That’s frikkin’ brilliant!

Wait, the stressed leftists aren’t done being disenfranchised by their own false political obsessions.

Most were VERY vocal about why it takes 10 days minimum (sometimes longer if the DOJ is backed up) to take their property home with them. They ask why do I need to wait 10 days if I need the protection today or tomorrow? We pointed out again that no one working here voted in support of that law.

They really went crazy when we told them that for each firearm they had to do the same amount of paperwork and they could only purchase ONE handgun every 30 days. Again, we didn’t [vote] for that law.

California liberals have been losing their minds over personal ownership of firearms. Voting for Democrats and supporting all sorts of crazy laws that do nothing to stop criminals or crime. But none of that means anything until they discover that they may actually need to protect themselves and can’t do it because of, well, themselves!

I guess the next obvious question is will this translate into something meaningful or will the idiot leftists stick with “anti-guns” and keep electing Democrat Socialists who really don’t care one wit about public safety, as evidenced by the high crime rates that predominate in liberal urban “anti-gun” enclaves.

And will this reality-check get them to question any of the other Democrat Party Shibboleths upon which they’ve built their worldviews?

I’m going to go with mostly no and not enough to make a difference.

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