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Mass Gov. Announces State-Wide Vaping Ban – Wait, Anti-Gun Laws Have Killed More People!

Vaping e-cigarettes

Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has done what we expect a liberal to do. Use a handful of harm to destroy an entire sector of an industry for which the progressives already had it out. He banned vaping state-wide. My response? Shop in New Hampshire.

The retail influx will piss off New Hampshire Democrats by keeping business tax revenue high. And we’ll get some of that pot money back you’ve been stealing from us.

Anyway, I’m not really here to talk about any of that (any further than I just did). I’m itchin’ to ask some questions?

  • Why is the left out to get vaping?
  • What’s the deal with banning something over a handful of incidents?
  • And why aren’t we “banning” anti-gun laws? They are a serious killer.

States like New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont have low violent crime and relaxed gun laws that put the rights of law-abiding citizens ahead of the impulse of criminals. Liberal cities have all the anti-gun laws the left loves, and they are shooting galleries with bloody streets.

There are hundreds of things that are more dangerous than vaping, probably thousands. And by all accounts, the problem is not the industry itself but black-market cartridges.

Is something wrong? Yes. But when Firestone had bad tires, no one banned them. When Toyota had claims of brake issues, we didn’t ban cars. Or brakes. Investigate. Identify the problem. Resolve it. If criminal wrongdoing is uncovered, punish those responsible.

Too many people’s lives are being saved thanks to vaping (by helping them kick the smoking habit) to allow knee-jerk progressive hyperbole to ban it.

Too late for Massachusetts? At least for four months. And Maine and Vermont are considering bans as well.

What do I have to say to that? Welcome to New Hampshire!