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If Women Stop Having Sex For What do They Need Abortion? (Asking for a Friend)

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Liberals are funny people. And I don’t mean funny ha-ha. They say my body my choice unless that body is a fully independent person with different DNA from them in their womb. That’s not you. It’s someone else. Someone who is probably only there because of a choice you made with your body.

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There are exceptions. But in most instances, your body chose to have sex and got pregnant. And that’s a person.

Even if they Didn’t Ask to Be Born

Anyone who has been paying attention to the misery of modern life has heard of people complaining that they didn’t ask to be born. None of us did. But we’re all people. And the only way to make people is to have sex and get pregnant or to simulate conception by others means.

The constants here are womb a choice and conception. Whether by natural or artificial insemination. That’s how people are made.

Choosing to murder that person is ending someone else’s life; which is what would prevent the Emo-sad-sack whiners complaining about being born in the first place from being born or complaining about it. You could still stop them from complaining by ending their life but that would be murder even if they were genetically identical to you.

Murdering people is illegal, and states have begun recognizing that at every point in the journey of personhood. In protest to this high-profile personalities have called for a boycott on the act that creates people.  No, not artificial insemination, natural insemination. Sex.

But if you don’t have sex, you’ll never need an abortion. And since everything else planned parenthood does is easily accessible somewhere else, this is more a call to end their global genocide of the unborn which runs counter to everything the Liberals claim to support.

That’s not resisting.

You want to resist? Be proud of what you believe. Choose to get your body pregnant and Livestream a second or third-trimester ultrasound, late-term, or live birth abortion for everyone to see.

Then sell the parts.

Women will be lining up to get pregnant just so they can have an abortion. Right?