Ah, the hypocrisy of the Left. But they'll blame Trump for it! - Granite Grok

Ah, the hypocrisy of the Left. But they’ll blame Trump for it!

After drone striking Iranian Quds Force leader General Qasem Soleimani who has been killing Americans for years, either directly through Iranian forces/resources or via proxies in the Middle East when Iranian backed militias attacked an Iraqi based American embassy (and thereby crossing a red line that Trump had laid down).

When Iran started to shake their tree and vow retaliation, President Trump said “I don’t think so” and announced (via Twitter, of course) that we had 52 Iranian cultural sites already dialed in (the number 52 a veiled warning of the 52 American hostages that were taken from our embassy when the Shah was overthrown) if they did.

IMMEDIATELY, the Left went bananas and it was the old anti-war Leftists (who only appear when a Republican is President) who said that was inhumane and illegal to do that targeting.


Yeah, it’s that second part. For a while a bit back, it seemed every couple of days that campus and run-of-the-mill Leftist radicals were attacking OUR cultural sites and icons based on their Leftist Political Correctness.  Not only did they NOT scream “STOP! IT’S A CULTURAL SITE!!!” but they actually took great joy in destroying American ones. Sure, a lot were of the time of the Confederacy and that always brings up the history of slavery.  Slavery was, still is, and perhaps always will be present in societies around the world and every so often, news stories pop up that some couple has taken someone into slavery here in the US.

But instead of knocking them over like radicals have done or as elected / administrative “leaders” have done, shushed them away to far corners (usually into dusty old buildings), they should be displayed as “history that should not be repeated ever again”. But that reasoning escapes them – they’ve simply become the new Radicals version of Tom Sawyers “whitewashers” (but given that the Left has Fahrenheit 451’d the book, they’ll never understand that reference).

No, the Hypocrisy is strong with these ones – unless we keep slapping them in the face with it. And slap we should. Not that it seems that showing facts makes much difference. Once again, at the hearing for HB1251 (Prohibiting biological boys from playing on biologically girls teams), it was clear that the Left simply sweeps facts away and instead, lays down any ideology they need onto that table. In yesterday’s case, it was the same emotion-laden, pulling-at-heart-strings, denying science testimony. The only thing that wasn’t said was “stop being transphobic”.

The hypocrisy of it all…

(H/T: Powerline)