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Not So Elementary, Dear Watson – More Like Another Liberal Trope

Elementary Holmes Watson

I’ve been a fan of the show Elementary since it started. While some were put off by the idea of Dr. Watson being a woman or Moriarty (Natalie Dormer), I was good with it. It worked for me. And I enjoy Johnny Lee Miller’s Holmes. He’s the perfect high-functioning, socially awkward, savant. And until this year I’ve only had a few occasions to be put off by the writer’s liberal tropes coming out of Sherlock Holmes’ mouth.

It is beginning to get annoying

One of the smartest most observant detectives in literary history wouldn’t think let alone say some of the things the writers have him ‘believing.’ Global Warming garbage is not uncommon. But that’s not what got to me this time around.

The most recent episode might be the worst. The program opens with the remains of a helicopter in an upstairs room at their New York Brownstone. Sherlock wakes Watson to explain that he’d solved the mystery.

A right-wing pilot had taken a known communist for a ride with the intent of giving him the Pinochet treatment. Agusto Pinochet, we are reminded, liked to eliminate his adversaries by dropping them out of helicopters.

In the Elementary opening, Holms believed the pilot was stabbed. Injuries sustained before the crash. The body of the communist was not at the scene so he must have been disposed of over water. He closes by saying something about a Nazi and a Communist killing each other.

The trope is that Nazi’s are right wing. A narrative created by the communists who, to their credit, were correct on one point. While National Socialists are far left, communists are further left. There is very little different ideologically, and it would not be unlikely for a society to pass National Socialism on their way to Marxism, Bernieism or Ocasio-Cortezism.

Sherlock Holmes would know that.

Stop writing him like he’s some gibbering narrative spewing liberal parrot.