Why Does the Liberal Cancel Culture Keep Cancelling Itself? - Granite Grok

Why Does the Liberal Cancel Culture Keep Cancelling Itself?

Cancel x cross out

Media, in general, is a left-wing goldmine. Billions of dollars flow from consumers to the Democrats who own or run the entertainment industry, media, music, stage, movies, and television. A sector that is dropping programming (virtue-signaling) ‘cuz Riots and unemploying…liberals.

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Sure, there are bound to be a few fence-sitters and the odd Republican leaners in the list of casualties, but if we’re honest, or just watch them for a few moments, they are almost all left-wing stooges, canceling their own jobs and careers.

And that’s just a coup de grace after unemploying them over the Left’s attempt to implement long-term virus-socialism. I find it difficult to get sad about that—people who support with money and votes the destructive worldview of the Left—not shedding a tear.

It looks a lot the #MeToo movement, a division of the Ministry of gender-socialism, which like fake-news, was aimed at Trump but blew up in the Left’s faces. Trump took Fake news and pasted it all over CNN and others – who proceeded to prove him right daily for years. All while the #MeToo movement collapsed all over powerful Democrats and their donors.

Russiagate failed, but it may yet succeed – in undermining Obama’s presidency. Ukrainegate didn’t remove Trump from office (no there-there either), but it could still take out Joe Biden (who has a parallel #MeToo problem). Ukraine is investigating him while America embraces race-socialism and street violence as protected “speech.” A right, as with all others, that can only be practiced by the Left.

And we should have known. Nancy, Hillary, Dartmouth Professors, and media people have intoned a similar refrain. It doesn’t end until they get their way, and violence is an acceptable vehicle for that.

But as with all bullies, the response, sadly, is the same. Until you punch back, they will not stop, which is why they hate Trump. He’s not your typical mainstream Republican. He doesn’t need them or their culture. He’s immune to the standard forms of leverage. And it just pisses them off all the more.

But violence and intimidation are how the Left gets things done. And if they have to take out a few of their own on the path to power, so be it.