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Modern Book Burning: Liberal Targets ‘Whiteness’ To Remove Books from American Library Collections

Book Burning

Knowledge is power unless the ‘knowledge’ continues “to promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence and the fact that they are physically taking up space in our libraries.” No, we’re not talking about some neo-Nazi screed. This is about cleansing Western Literature.

Sofia Leung, who works as the Teaching And Learning Program Manager at MIT libraries, wrote an article titled, “Whiteness as Collections” to essentially argue for a racist book burning. This deranged academic wants the destruction of literature and knowledge she considers to be “too white.”

The article was shared by The Library Journal, a trade publication that reaches over 200,000 librarians and educators. The author’s goal is to remove books taking up space in libraries “written by white dudes writing about white ideas, white things, or ideas, people…”

That’s, like, racism, Scoob!

Ramn Right, Rhaggy!

As with most leftist themed attacks on knowledge and education, the real goal is to remove the wealth of information supporting Western Civilization itself. The rise of the Republic and rule by the people in the modern era. Or, any stories or ideas that support it.

Personal responsibility. Individual rights. Free markets. Free minds. The government constrained by constitutions. A land that, as Herbert Spencer notes, is one of voluntary cooperation as opposed to the Left’s compulsory cooperation. Participation by free will compared to participation by force.

Democrat Socialism, however deeply rooted, suffers from the scrutiny of any mind subject to the knowledge that contradicts its promised wonders or challenges its militancy of martial rule by elites. America’s libraries are chock-full of fiction and non-fiction that demonstrate the culture and politics – the possibilities of a free society.

Getting rid of all that literary history is a tough row to hoe unless you make a passionate case that it’s all racist.

And someone has.

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