"15 of the Most Insane Liberal Beliefs" (abridged) - Granite Grok

“15 of the Most Insane Liberal Beliefs” (abridged)

From John Hawkins (THE MAN OF LISTS!) / RightWingNews:

Liberals and conservatives have always disagreed about the issues, but it seems like the gap between us has grown as wide as the Grand Canyon in the last few years. You have to think that even Democrats from a couple of decades ago would be shocked to see many of the bizarre and alien beliefs so many liberals have embraced. For example, many liberals believe…

1) That the Founding Fathers of the United States are so racist, offensive, and objectionable that we should take down their statues and rename things named after them.

2) That not only can you change your gender, but that the only thing it takes for you to make it happen is to decide to do it.

5) That when liberals hear something they disagree with, they don’t need to refute it, build a case against it, or offer an alternative to it, they need to censor it to keep other people from finding out about it.

6) That traditional masculinity is a bad thing and that masculinity itself needs to be reimagined into some sort of pale, mediocre imitation of femininity.

9) That whether a policy works doesn’t matter as long as it sounds compassionate.

10) That the only possible explanation for a conservative disagreeing with a liberal position on an issue that runs contrary to his principles must be hatred. Oppose gay marriage? You must hate gays. Against abortion? You must hate women.

11) That the solution to global warming, a sketchy, unproven scientific theory that supposedly has its roots in the behavior of people across the world, is for the United States to put a Green New Deal in place that will destroy its energy sector, ban air flight, get rid of cars, and stop people from eating hamburgers.

15) That being color blind is actually racist.

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