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It’s the Millennial version of ordering from Starbucks

Liberals ordering a gun

I’m thinking of what the few gun shop sales folks I have dealt with would have done or said if such an over-condescending, self-arrogant guy came into their dealerships and uttered something similar to the meme above.

First would be the utter bug-out eyes that somebody would be that stupid silly. Then it would be a slow turn to his fellow workers with a”that kind of grin” and a  “happy eye roll”, and then slowly turn back to this young buck who thinks he’s all that.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of that dressing down finished up with quite the lesson concluding with:

We have a snipe problem around here. Tell you what – go find it and then we’ll talk about guns.

Or, what would YOUR story be about this guy?

I’m not sure it would be all that bad with most – after all, it seems that after toilet paper, Clorox wipes, and water, guns may be the next priority for most peoples’ needs.  No, not “wants” – needs. After all, most seen in the Blue States and Counties, Law Enforcement head honchos are letting convicted criminals out of jail – coronavirus, dontcha know.

And yet these self-same folks won’t issue gun / conceal permits on the idea that these lawbreakers are meekly going to go to some home and shelter-in-place.

All kidding aside, most Normal people understand that when Law Enforcement stops protecting their community, they are going to have to protect themselves.  They’ve been told, via these actions, that “you are on your own”.

The other message being sent is “you don’t matter” – but these criminals do. Sorry, that can’t be spun at all in any other way.  One set of people are innocent – the others aren’t. The latter did things that violated Society’s norms and had their Liberties curtailed. No, they should not be released back into Society regardless of the Wuhan / Kung Flu infection rates. What they should be doing is making sure that the staff are protected (yeah, I know…) as best as possible.

But this is why gun sales are up. Law Enforcement has broken trust with those that pay their salaries and wages. They are our employees, after all.  And that job is to keep those that break our laws out of our Society for as long as their sentences demand.

Oh, but a tip for those that find themselves out of the Iron Bar Hotel (tee-hee):

Bernie Bros dont have guns

And as a closer, these Law Enforcement are also sending another message as well by their actions and how it affects regular people:

Americans Buying Firearms Show That The Gun Control Orgs Have Clearly Lost the Argument

Once again, the anti-gunners have failed to make the argument that guns are bad for ANYONE (Constitutional Rights aside for the moment – about 30 seconds worth and no more). If they had, do you think that these first time gun buyers would just stay meekly at home and go “ok, I’ll just wait right here – it will turn out all right”? No, they aren’t.

And thus, the anti-gunners, like “Assault” Rep Katherine Rogers and Moms Demand Action (funded by “mini-Mike” Bloomberg that just blew a cool Billion dollars for nothing) have to manipulate government to be able to Infringe on our Rights.

(H/T: Powerline)