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Peterborough Selectboard

And back to Peterborough we go – League of Women Voters trying to muck things up….again?

By Christopher Maidment Citizen Petition articles are likely nothing new to you, being good citizens of New Hampshire, but just in case, a citizen’s petition is when at least 25 citizens (under normal circumstances) gather signatures together and add an amendment to a town warrant.  It’s a way of keeping the powers that be in …

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enraged Anger Hatred

The Left’s Seething Hatred

If you want a window into the real left, the base, there’s no better way than to venture into their territory. See what they have to say in their online “safe-spaces.” The bitterness and anger are eye-opening.


Draft Dodging Cowards

D. Allan Kerr takes to the pages of the Seacoast Online to call President Trump a, “Draft Dodging Coward.” This is rather timely in the wake of the Mueller Investigation concluding last week. It is admirable how tenacious these left wing scumbags can be when a particular event does not go their way. Kerr, in …

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Cuban Reminder

In the late 1950’s, Cuba experienced a revolution, led by Fidel and Raul Castro, which put that country on the path to a Socialist Dictatorship (redundant terms, I know).  During and after this revolution, many people we executed as enemies of the cause – as we know, Socialism cannot be implemented without government force or …

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The Red Pen Governor

The liberty and freedom we’ve enjoyed in New Hampshire is under direct attack.  And it’s the worst it has ever been. Fresh off their November election wins, Democrats fired up their campaign to restrict rights and grow government.  And, unfortunately, they control the House, Senate and Executive Council.   But fortunately, we still have a Republican governor …

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Hyphenated and Tone Deaf

Here we have a photo of Democrat candidate for NH State Senate (District 8), Jenn Alford-Teaster dancing on the graves of veterans in Hillsborough, NH. She tweeted this photo after some campaigning there last week.  How tone-deaf do you have to be to NOT grasp the significance of the sacred spot you are standing, not …

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Never Let Them See You Cry

Well, the smoke of the Kavanaugh campaign battlefield has cleared a bit and we are now conducting after-action reports.  One of the purposes of such a report is to gauge both ours and the enemy’s strengths, weaknesses, acquisitions and damages as a result of the battle, to conclude their current operational status.  A key gauge …

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Pine Tree Ramblings Vol 12

Since 1981, October has been declared Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Given that, I feel obligated to provide a public service by highlighting NH State Senator Jeff Woodburn’s recent Domestic Violence charges. In case you haven’t heard, Senator Woodburn has a bit of an anger management problem.  Sure, we all get angry, but we don’t “bite” or …

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