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Christopher Maidment

Conservatarian political activist, board member Hillsborough County Republicans and Get Involved PAC. Amateur Chicken Rancher. Not a free stater, but wish I was (if only I knew about it sooner!)

State Sen Chandley raised just $5 in district

State Sen. Chandley Raised Only $5 In District

Campaign Finance Reports! Yay! (Sarcasm, sort of.) There is usually a lot of material that comes out of campaign finance reports for State races, which we’ve written about before. Yesterday’s filings show that one NH Senator, Shannon Chandley, raised only $5 in district. Five bucks. Related: SoS Website – Search Filed Reports That doesn’t include …

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minimum wage for prisoners

Minimum Wage for Prisoners

Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) are turning into bills now, with numbers, titles, and text. They’re coming in fast now, with hundreds already assigned numbers and committees for legislative work in January. One such bill would enable a new minimum wage for prisoners, at a cost of over $9 million annually to the taxpayer. ‘Prison pay’ …

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Gpsh Darn Capitalism! Copper Door saves the day

Gosh Darn Capitalism!

The Red Arrow Diner in Milford abruptly closed its doors, leaving some employees without a job only a few weeks before the Christmas holiday (or Chanukah for those who practice Judaism.) And, gosh darn capitalism came to the rescue again! In this case, the Copper Door saves the day. New Hampshire has an unemployment rate …

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Should NH repeal vehicle inspection

Should NH Repeal Vehicle Inspections?

Vehicle safety inspections don’t accomplish what they’re supposed to, and 36 states don’t have periodic safety inspections for passenger vehicles according to Wikipedia. A bill introduced this year in New Hampshire would similarly do away with our annual safety inspections. So, should NH repeal vehicle inspections? House Bill 1114, sponsored by Rep. Conley (Prime), Straf. …

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Milford School District - Another Embattled SAU

Milford School Board – Another Embattled SAU

An embattled superintendent gets a ‘no confidence’ vote by the teacher’s union, the school board investigates itself, and resignations amass in Milford. ‘Milford Strong’ makes its appearance on T-shirts and bumper stickers, and no one seems to be happy about any of what’s happening, making the Milford School Board ANOTHER embattled SAU. There is a …

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