Poor People Are Eating More Meat Which Means They'll Be Healthier When That Kills the Planet - Granite Grok

Poor People Are Eating More Meat Which Means They’ll Be Healthier When That Kills the Planet

Bacon Cheeseburger

Liberals have a long-standing desire to end the lives of the less fortunate. People who are not them. It’s not personal, you’re just not good enough for utopia. So, this news about poor folks having healthier lives because they eat more meat has them triggered.

As you may know, the left is anti-meat. Meat is bad. For you, not them. They can eat all the meat they want.

When you partake of the glorious bacon cheeseburger it makes Gaia cry. They can rub raw meat on their puckered pale bodies and the earth just smiles.

But meat is essential to a healthy diet – eating it not rubbing it on liberals. And people in second and third world countries who eat more of it are getting healthier. That makes them a bigger threat to the left. Healthy happy people will want more meat and make more people who will also want meat.

OMG! It’s happening. Those poor people in the dark corners of the globe (that the left has been trying to deprive of affordable energy for years) are getting healthier because, meat!

The Ocasio-Cortez planetary doomsday clock just surged toward Armageddon. Forget 12-years, we’ve got 12 months. Actually, we’ve got 15 months. But if a Democrat wins a gig in the Oval Office a year from November, the Lefty-Shamans promise us the sky gods will be appeased.

Ask any fair-trade Birkenstock-wearing Prius owner, they’ll tell you it’s true.

And yes, KETO is bad!

You are killing the planet you knuckle-dragging carnivore.

Eat a turnip Mephistopheles. This isn’t your hell. It belongs to Democrat Socialists who plan to run it. Into the ground. Like Venezuela, where they’d be happy to eat a piece of toilet paper if they could find any.