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Draft Dodging Cowards


D. Allan Kerr takes to the pages of the Seacoast Online to call President Trump a, “Draft Dodging Coward.” This is rather timely in the wake of the Mueller Investigation concluding last week. It is admirable how tenacious these left wing scumbags can be when a particular event does not go their way.

Kerr, in his rant barely glosses over Bill Clinton, but the fact is the list of draft-dodgers, now serving in Congress is considerable.

Take Dick Durbin, for example. There is literally no mention anywhere of his student deferments. Almost none. Durbin never served in the armed forces and is first in line to call those who have, Nazi’s.

How about Charles Schumer? Schumer graduated from Law School and entered a life of career politics, never having to endure the typical grind of everyday living.

I could go on all day because when it comes to the Democrat party, the list is a mile long with Non-military serving, loathsome human beings.

As for John McCain, there are as many detractors regarding his military service, as there are those who declare him a hero and a saint. The fact of the matter is McCain was a lackluster Navy guy whose legacy was propped up by his extended stay at the Hanoi Hilton. People like to ignore dissenting voices. Post hero status, SENATOR John McCain was a terrible Senator and deserves his legacy of being the one NO vote that enabled Obamacare to survive. Why? Because he was pissed at Trump.

It cannot go overlooked that finding current era candidates on the Democrat side who have undertaken Military service is rare. Indeed, they are there, but they are few. Very few. The Leftists loath military service, to be frank.

When you see the Eric Swalwells, and the Corey Bookers and Adam Schiffs of the world, these millennial idiots ride the backs of we who have served, taking for granted these freedoms that are so perilous or non-existent elsewhere.

These Draft Dodgers and Deferment Douches, seeking their own avoidance of doing the nations hard work on the world’s battlefields, served to establish a cultural shift where military service is openly loathed and denigrated.

While Kerr takes to the pages of the Seacoast Fishwrapper to call President Trump a Draft Dodger and a Coward, while eschewing Trump for his McCain criticisms, He neglects to make any mention of Trump’s respect, honor and caring of our service members. Hillary Clinton hated the military and mistreated military people. Bill Clinton was loathsome for armed forces. Some of the worst Morale was felt in the armed services under President Bill Clinton, rivaled only by Barack Obama.

Allan Kerr pens this Op-Ed for no other reason than he is one in the sea of many, who is mad about the Mueller Report. But more importantly, what drew my ire is his diatribe about Trump when he has been so silent about so many others. Therefore, to Kerr, I say this: You are not just talking about Trump. You are talking about a whole generation. An entire class of people. And for you to pin it on one single President is low rent. It does not make you a journalist. It makes you a political hack and a douchebag.