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Negron Campaign has Fun with Ann Kuster’s Cronies

Ann Kuster

Steve Negron is running for Congress in New Hampshire’s second congressional district. He’s also having a bit of fun with his Democrat opponent, Ann Kuster. She’s got some interesting peers. People who are not exactly New Hampshire ready.

In a short video titled, Selfie of the Week, the campaign is featuring folks Annie hangs with like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Barbra Lee.

AOC is, well, AOC. Lee is no less of a wing nut. Both are far-left, let’s whip a lotta socialism on the people, sorts. Take your stuff and give it to bureaucrats. Then blame them when nothing they promise comes true.

Annie’s peeps. Tax and spend Democrats. And the Negron Campaign just wanted you to know.

I expect we’ll be seeing more of this.