This Transgender Business Has Only One Logical Conclusion - "Mao Suits" - Granite Grok

This Transgender Business Has Only One Logical Conclusion – “Mao Suits”

Mao Suits

Gender neutrality ought to mean you are not taking sides, but that’s not how this works. You have to take a side and guess which one it is? The left side. So, pay attention as we get a peek into the liberal mind, care of a #woke school in the UK.

“…just a few days before the teens were due to go back to school after almost six weeks of summer holidays, school officials announced all students were required to wear the gender-neutral uniform.”


The skirts were deemed inappropriate for transgender students. The solution was to make everyone…dress like a man? Yes. Trousers for all the peeps or no admittance to the school. The police were called. There were protests. Some students even invoked the climate gods, claiming the rule would harm the planet.

Students also said it was a waste of clothing and were seen with banners criticising ‘fast fashion’ as a big contributor to climate change. One placard read: ‘£100 for 1 uniform for 9 months is not sustainable!’

Making girls wear pants is sexist. (I can recall when making them wear skits was sexist.)

The natural course of these complex issues will be to dress everyone the same. Mao suits. Available in gray. No exceptions.

Wait until you hear about the mandatory hairstyles.

| RedState