Never Let Them See You Cry

Well, the smoke of the Kavanaugh campaign battlefield has cleared a bit and we are now conducting after-action reports.  One of the purposes of such a report is to gauge both ours and the enemy’s strengths, weaknesses, acquisitions and damages as a result of the battle, to conclude their current operational status.  A key gauge in this analysis is the morale and mental state of the enemy; are they demoralized or are they motivated and refitting for a counter-attack?

One such valuable piece of intelligence comes from a short video clip seen on YouTube.  Someone had the keen eye to take this and focus on the emotional state of one of their top Generals.  What do you think?

Feel bad?  Don’t.  This woman, while very subtle and diplomatic about it, was waging war on the American Republic, coordinating a vicious ambush on a rightfully-nominated judge for the Supreme Court.  She and her army of emotionally-warped followers want nothing more than to turn this great country into a Socialist, Democratic paradise – where the majority (mob) rules.  Where opportunity and outcomes in life are carefully mapped out by the government.  Where anyone who manages to become successful pays dearly in order to subsidize those who can’t or won’t.  Where thought and speech are regulated within specific boundaries that are acceptable to the high priests of correctness.  Their collectivist world would eventually collapse under its own weight, creating chaos with power vacuums filled by who-knows-who.  And it would be doubtful if we could ever revive the Republic back to what we have today.

Make no mistake – this was a huge victory, especially following the election loss of Hillary Clinton.  People mention “Divine Providence” from time-to-time and I’d call this a vivid example of that, for sure.

While the enemy is demoralized, they are not destroyed.  They will rise again to challenge individual rights, free markets and limited government.  What we need to do in the meantime is prepare for the next battle, which happens to be Tuesday, November 6th.  If we do, and if we are victorious, we will have pushed the cause of Liberty forward beyond any line imagined just a few years ago.

While they are sweet, we cannot sit back and relish these victories.  We must gear up for the next battle – and finish the job.

Will you be on that battlefield?

FYI: In 1994, Jerry Reports write a (3-star) biography of Diane Feinstein, called Never Let Them See You Cry.  She barely held herself together at the press conference shown in the video – barely.  The advantage is ours.