Bernie Sanders is not a Hypocrite - Granite Grok

Bernie Sanders is not a Hypocrite


Bernie Sanders is a millionaire. Indeed. From Bum to millions, the laziest, most useless man in America is running to be the leader of the free world. Sanders earned over 1.7 Million in the last two years and owns three homes, despite never having a real job or ever earning a livable wage. Where did Bernie get his, “free lunch,” break? Politics. We all know this so there is no point in pouring over the details.

People now call Bernie Sanders a hypocrite for extolling the virtues of the capitalist system. Bernie wrote a book, got it published, made the New York Times Best Seller List and raked in the dough that followed. The book eschews the wealthy as evil and schemes to take their wealth. Bernie unwittingly extolls the virtues of capitalism and encourages others to do the same. Irony.

Bum Sanders is NOT a hypocrite. Not at all! If you look all across America, the vast majority of leftists are financially well off and want for nothing. These leftists do not live in the same world as you or I do. Leftists of the Sanders ilk will never live under the policies to which they seek to organize for the rest of us. The Tom Steyers, Warren Buffets, the Hollywood Elites, none of those people will be affected by socialism.

Socialism is a nice word for communism. Neither system works without governmental oppression. When people advocate for Socialism, redistribution of wealth, Government control of the means of production, single-payer healthcare, and all the bells, horns and whistles Marxism brings, We should be asking these people,

“Which will you be? The Government? Or one of the governed?”

Socialism is for the people, not for the Socialist. Under a system of capitalism, one becomes successful by, “making,” it. Under socialism, however, one becomes successful by, “taking,” it.

We hear regularly from people like AOC and Bernie Sanders talk about the unfairness and injustice of the capitalism society, and as they point their fingers at the one per cent, they are quite content to line their pockets with dollars, not for hard work, but for merely being in the government.

Bernie Sanders is not being a hypocrite. Bernie Sanders is being a true Leftist/Socialist. In socialism, there are two distinct classes of people: The Socialists and those governed under socialism. Don’t believe me? Good. Here is a test. Find me a historical Socialist government where its ruling class were not wealthy and affluent and its leaders lived under the policies implemented for its people. I will be waiting right here.