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New Hampshire resident. Patriot. Proud to live in a state and country with Constitutions like ours. Disgusted how our governments ignore them. I am determined to help correct that.

COVID Fear Monsters and panic

I Think We Flattened That Curve

Looking at the CDC’s provisional weekly COVID death statistics (through July 4, 2020), what part of this graph tells you that we need to still be 1) wearing masks, 2) worried about sending kids back to school, 3) shutting down ANY part of ANY business or 4) listening to the media (ratings) and politicians (control, …

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2020 Taglines

When this COVID-19 circus finally rolls out of town (if it ever does), there will be a number of taglines for this awkward period in US history. One of them will be “weaponized hypocrisy”.  We’ve seen ridiculous levels of hypocrisy from the Left over the past 10 years, especially since Donald Trump got elected.  They …

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Virtue Signal Received

Some companies just can’t help themselves, can they? In these times of civil turmoil (insanity), some of them feel the need to “do something”, being social justice warriors – and letting the whole world know about it.  They are, after all, morally gracious and superior, no? They have a microphone and they have money – …

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Memorial Day 2020

As we approach Memorial Day, I am once again compelled to remind myself (and others) of the purpose and meaning of this sacred holiday. After the Civil War ended, friends and family would visit the graves of those killed in the war and would decorate them, as a means of remembering and honoring their sacrifice.  …

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Virginia Capitol Fence

The Virginia Lesson

Now that the Virginia Gun rally is over, we have to acknowledge that it was indeed a noble, valiant effort. But it was also wasted – too little, too late. They gathered in force, but they were shackled, restricted from carrying firearms on their own State Capitol plaza.  They were fenced-off and caged into a …

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On this day…Christmas 1776

My buddy Matt published this on Facebook today and, after seeing Steve’s earlier post, I thought it fitting to put up. Christmas Eve / Christmas Day History! George Washington led his troops across a 300-yard stretch of the Delaware River in the dead of night between December 25 and 26, 1776.  The surprise move would …

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