After Grok Bashes the Republican Gov for Three Months Democrat Accuses us of Carrying "Mainstream Republican" Water - Granite Grok

After Grok Bashes the Republican Gov for Three Months Democrat Accuses us of Carrying “Mainstream Republican” Water


If you missed it, or we’ve never met to discuss it, GraniteGrok is not a “Republican Website.” That some number of  Republicans have been known to stumble over the principles we defend is their accident, not ours. So, when a NH Democrat claimed ‘Grok’ “appears to be Mainstream Republican,” I laughed out loud.

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Keep in mind that in the same remarks, we are called a “hate site in NH that freely attacks women.Kimberly Morin took care of that claim here. But in the same breath Jan Schmidt (who else) tries to link us to mainstream Republicans.

Sadly, the intersection of those interests is not common enough to withstand scrutiny. And as Kimberly points out, 

Grok is also made up of writers from all political background and sexes – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Independent but facts never get in the way of liars like Schmidt and Rung.

Our two-dozen plus contributors do not agree on everything, but there are things with which we all do agree. We all believe in Free Markets, limited government, and personal or individual responsibility. That free people are better judges than politicians or bureaucrats (and often Judges) of how best not to just spend the incomes they legally earn, but the terms under which they are earned.

That the constitution exists to restrain the government, not the people, and that the politicians need to be reminded of this daily – and that includes Republicans and Democrats.

That’s not to say there are not a large number of Republicans who collide with Conservative principles frequently. There are, and we have our fair share of superstars among them. But in New England, the roster is not as big as it should be and increasingly challenging to maintain. So, we often find ourselves “attacking republicans” for their votes and policy decisions. 

We’ve been sharing our thoughts about Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, whom we’ve supported on several issues. But we have been at odds over the last three months; the emergency orders, shutdowns, lockdowns, business closings, and unemploying tens of thousands with the stroke of a pen. 

His response? I have big shoulders. Good for him, not so good for jobs and job creators. And maybe we recover, but some of this damage can’t be undone. And we’ll always have a problem with that. And that’s the ironic part.

Chris Sununu is about as mainstream of a Republican as you can find. He’s okay on fiscal issues, good on guns, bad on social issues. So, where’s the irony? Jan Schmidt and the New Hampshire Democrats have been carrying his COVID water for three months. They are all in on arbitrarily closing businesses and putting people out of work. 

More lockdowns, mandates, and infringements, oh, my! Kill the Economy!

If a Republican is willing to advance their agenda, they love that. If not, you are Mitt Romney running against Obama as opposed to Sen. Mitt Romney, who has higher approval with Ds than Rs.

 And that’s a useful metric by which to judge them. The more vitriol the Left casts in that direction, the better the odds that this someone is fighting for the Constitutional Republic against the scourge of Democrat Socialism.

Democrats never have anything nice to say about us.