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Beth Scaer

Beth is a New Hampshire resident.

NH Senate Turns Their Backs on Women’s Sports

The Democrat-led New Hampshire Senate declined to vote on SB 480, the NH Senate Save Women’s Sports bill, and instead tabled it along with a number of bills they decided weren’t important enough to consider, ending any hopes of protecting women’s sports for this legislative session.


CNN Erases Women

CNN referred to “individuals with a cervix” in a tweet about new guidelines for cervical cancer screenings, and nowhere in the CNN article linked to by the tweet does the author even once refer to women. CNN completely erases women from an article about women’s health.

Cindy Rosenwald

Sen. Cindy Rosenwald: “Yes, yes, yes!” for abortion “access”, “No” to conscience protections

Nashua Senator Cindy Rosenwald is way out there on the extreme end of the abortion supporter spectrum. She is so excited by New Hampshire bill HB 685, which would force everyone who has health insurance in New Hampshire that has maternity benefits also to cover abortion, that she tweeted “Yes, yes, yes!” in support of …

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Black Lives Matter Nashua is an Unserious Organization

In early June, Black Lives Matter Nashua posted a petition on their Facebook page in support of defunding the police. I am a Nashua resident and I wanted to learn more, so I registered to participate in their June 17 organizing call, which was advertised as being open to the public.

FL School guardsman armed

One Brave Soul to Stand at the Ready

In a popular Nashua Facebook group last week, a member posted that there was a Black Lives Matter protest being planned for that evening and he warned “If you have a business on Main Street, prepare to defend it.”