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Freedom of Speech is Now an Instrument of Terror on a College Campus

Once again, we see that Leftists don’t want Freedom of Speech and Ideas. They hate the idea that anyone is allowed to say what they want ESPECIALLY when it goes against their agenda, narrative, or beliefs. Just ask NH State Rep Jan Schmidt (D-Nashua) about this as she has actively done so.


Prime Democrat Sponsor of Anti-Doxxing Bill is Doxxing

Representative Janice Schmidt (D -Nashua) is the prime sponsor of a bill that would make it a crime if you engaged with public officials electronically and they decided you are a cyberbully. Sharing an email or phone number would be doxxing. But not when they do it. And they do it.

1984 Thought crimes

Hearing for the NH Democrat’s Thought Crime Bill is Today

I want to provide one more reminder if I may. New Hampshire Democrats have a thought-crime bill (HB1159) which has a hearing today. Yes. Thought crimes. The nature of the bill allows elected officials to decide your intent and then punish you for it with the law they created.

Jan Schmidt Bernie Bus

NH House Rep Jan Schmidt Mocks Natural Rights

Nashua resident Beth Scaer pleaded with Schmidt in the Nashua Politics group on Facebook to end her assault on the First Amendment by withdrawing her bill HB 1159, a bill which would silence political dissent.  “Jan, how about you stop trying to take away our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights?” she asked.