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Update on Right To Know Lawsuit against Nashua City Hall: Crooks and Liars

Thumb on the Justice scale

As some of you know, I have a substantial Right-to-Know lawsuit filed against the City of Nashua for denying access to public assessing records. The City with its deep pocket stuffed with taxpayer money has made this a costly, epic battle.

My information requests appear to be too damaging so City leadership is resorting to their crooked, lying ways to lose information. Nashua City Hall has no accountability; the liars and crooks must go.

FYI, my attorney, Rick Gagliuso, of Berstein Shur just filed a RTK lawsuit in Superior court for me for more emails from Kim Kleiner (Nashua City Director of Administrative Services – assessing, IT, GIS, Purchasing, Risk Management, Human Resources), Duhamel, and CFO Griffin.

Also, I found out that Attorney Steve Bolton (Nashua City Corporate Counsel) discussed my arrest in a non-public session and implied to the entire board that I spit on his legal employees. Totally absurd. Nashua City Alderman and NH State Rep Jan Schmidt (who also tried to get GraniteGrok shut down) jumped all over it:

“Oh, she spits, I always knew she was a spitter”.

Nashua City Alderman and NH State Rep O’Brien has a big mouth, was overheard stating the above, and I am throwing him under the bus because it was told to me.

Lying Leonard and Crooked Kleiner have combined forces to remove evidence for an upcoming lawsuit. Attorney Celia Leonard (Nashua City Deputy Corporate Counsel) was responsible for responding to my Attorney’s request for documents submitted July 2020. Instead of responding per the ethics rules for discovery, Attorney Leonard willfully and maliciously creates untruthful responses and failed to deliver. We wanted Kleiner’s emails. There should be some good dirt in there relevant to my upcoming suit.

My Attorney had to submit a motion to compel on December 11, 2020. This is a Right-to-Know priority matter to be expedited by the courts:

NH RSA 91-A:7 Violation:

Any person aggrieved by a violation of this chapter may petition the superior court for injunctive relief. In order to satisfy the purposes of this chapter, the courts shall give proceedings under this chapter high priority on the court calendar. Such a petitioner may appear with or without counsel. The petition shall be deemed sufficient if it states facts constituting a violation of this chapter, and may be filed by the petitioner or his or her counsel with the clerk of court or any justice thereof. Thereupon the clerk of court or any justice shall order service by copy of the petition on the person or persons charged. Subject to objection by either party, all documents filed with the petition and any response thereto shall be considered as evidence by the court. All documents submitted shall be provided to the opposing party prior to a hearing on the merits. When any justice shall find that time probably is of the essence, he or she may order notice by any reasonable means, and he or she shall have authority to issue an order ex parte when he or she shall reasonably deem such an order necessary to insure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

The Court issued an order on March 26, 2021, 105 days later, ordering the City to produce the emails. The City had 20 days to given up the emails.

On March 3rd, I submitted a RTK demand for another batch of Kleiner’s emails that would most like to glean some damaging information. I accuse the City of “corrupt games” because they had not delivered on Kleiner’s first set of emails requested July 2020 and this forced me to pay expensive legal work to get the information.

The City responds on March 10th,  that I am “largely incorrect”. The City is “collecting and reviewing documents” to provide for the July 20, 2020 request. This was a shocking statement because Leonard objected in court to the emails being released claiming there was no ground for the public to view Crooked Kleiner’s emails (i.e., she acknowledged they existed). In the March 10th response, Leonard does not say they are still searching, because it would be completely unreasonable for them to claim that the search was taking 8 months.

Twenty days later, April 15, 2021, the City sends “the information.” Oh, but wait,  all of Kleiner’s emails from April 1, 2019, to September 30, 2019 have been “corrupted” and cannot be retrieved. Interestingly enough all the emails sent by Kleiner to Legal were intact and the City produce a confidently Attorney-Client privilege Log that cannot be seen by the public. My Attorney is acting on this. It took 270 days to get little to nothing.

Lying Leonard likely knew these emails were corrupted or deleted far before the order by the court and intentionally and fraudulently withheld this information. Most likely, Crooked Kleiner, who is in charge of IT, told employees to delete the emails, as they were damaging. Leonard should be fired and disbarred. Kleiner should be kicked to the curb as well. Leonard pushed the police to arrest me on February 18, 2020 for criminal trespass in City Hall on Jan 22, 2021 after I was welcomed in attempting to get abatement application date-time stamped for 2 senior citizens.

Let’s work to put the real crooks in jail.