Blogline of the Day: What, has she been talking with Jan Schmidt? - Granite Grok

Blogline of the Day: What, has she been talking with Jan Schmidt?

Elizabeth Banks

It was Democrat NH State Rep Jan Schmidt who declared that “All murders are not the same“. But this from Elizabeth Banks takes the Irony Cake.

Abortion Activist Elizabeth Banks Says Stand Your Ground Laws Are A ‘Permission To Kill People’

Abortion killed about 43 million people last year – far more than the WuFlu. And for Progressives, it is the altar to which they approach on bended knee. So there is absolutely no sense of irony with this one.

The “why?” is that the Left has dehumanized that little baby in the womb so as to be worth nothing – a hindrance to the Mom’s lifestyle to be disposed of without a look backwards,

Yet, if I was under attack by some n’eer-do-well, *I* am the bad guy if my decision is to not retreat but to defend me and mine. What always seems to be the case is that the Left always wishes to coddle those that refuse to live by Society’s norms (well of COURSE! They themselves are trying to do the same thing in all kinds of ways, little and small).

At worst, they would have us dead believing that Government (in the form of the police) will protect us at all times and places. Yet, we know that to be false (the rioting all this past summer in addition to the Supreme Court decisions that police have no mandate to protect individuals at a given time).

People like Elizabeth Banks (and NH State Rep Katherine Rogers and others like her) would far prefer that we could NOT defend ourselves when needed.

Just like those little babies, waiting to be born but finding themselves being torn limb from limb, having an induced heart attack, or death by other chemical attack, that we could find ourselves totally defenseless. Yes, to Banks, “all murders are not the same” – where “body autonomy” is (wrongly) attributed to pregnant women (the real kind) so as to not have to even contemplate the horror done to their unborn children. Yes, to Banks, we are to put ourselves in the mercy of others that, like abortionists, would give us no mercy either.

In both cases, victims are to be defenseless by her account. That’s just how these smug Progressives roll…intellectual honesty seems to be a concept far from their ken.