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Jan Schmidt: Save Women’s Sports Flag is a “Hate Flag”

Raising Save Women's Sports flag in Nashua

On the same day we flew our Save Women’s Sports flag on the Citizen Flag Pole in Nashua City Hall plaza, Alderman Jan Schmidt made a public post attacking it on her personal Facebook page.

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There are a couple of childish things going on here. First, she has blocked me on Facebook, so when she posted this, her intention was to share it with virtually every one of the billions of people on Facebook, except for me. Second, calling my Save Women’s Sports flag a “hate flag” is ridiculous.

Jan hates the Save Women’s Sports flag, it’s true, but the flag itself represents love and concern for women athletes in their quest to have their own sports, separate from men.

Jan is all caught up with the fashionable politics of gender identity. She doesn’t see how it harms women’s sports when women are forced to compete against bigger and stronger men, and how it leaves women and girls at higher risk of sexual assaults in public restrooms and locker rooms when they are forced to share them with men.

Jan also doesn’t see how many people are turning against gender identity ideology, including feminists like the Women’s Liberation Front that believe women’s rights are worth protecting.

If “hate” now means a desire to protect women and girls, sign me up, along with everyone else who understands what is at stake.