PragerU: If Socialism is "All That," Why Haven't You MOVED to a Socialist Country? - Granite Grok

PragerU: If Socialism is “All That,” Why Haven’t You MOVED to a Socialist Country?

Socialism debunked

If you really DO believe that Socialism or Communism is “all that,” why haven’t you MOVED to a country that is full-bore as far as your beliefs go? Whatcha ‘fraid of, putting your life where your mouth is?

If you’re a Bernie-Bro like Bruce Currie or Jan Schmidt, I’d be willing to be that me and all our Grokster readers will be willing to raise the money for a one-way ticket to the Socialist Paradise of our choice (Venezuela, Cuba would be our first choices – feel free to make your choices known).

I’m betting that not one of you will take us up on this and try to live the life of those countries “middle class”.