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Defund the Police


Girard Denounces Defund the Police Rallies Targeting Manchester

MANCHESTER, NH June 17, 2021—”The story written by John DiStaso in his NH Primary Source column is disturbing to say the least. That the NH Youth Movement, whatever that is, has “targeted” Manchester as a place that needs to defund police is as disturbing as it is dangerous.


Data Point – Outlooks have changed on George Floyd’s death

He was the Black man that Minneapolis. Police Officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with his death by keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck. Subsequently, toxicology results showed that it was more likely that he died of drug overdoses from fentanyl, meth, 4ANPP, and Norfentanyl.

Trump victory

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace! – VOTE!!!

Tomorrow is an important day for our state and our nation. President Trump has done so much for our country, with his most recent achievement being the appointment of his 3rd conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

Do Black Pre-Born Lives Matter?

Pro-life activists were recently arrested in Washington DC for writing “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” in chalk on the public sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.


Portland Children Used As Political Pawns

This 21 second video speaks for itself. "Protesters" in Portland coaching their small children to say "f*ck the police" and makes them carry signs with that & other very classy slogans 😳 — Brittany 🍇 (@Brittany3l) July 23, 2020