Girard Denounces Defund the Police Rallies Targeting Manchester - Granite Grok

Girard Denounces Defund the Police Rallies Targeting Manchester


MANCHESTER, NH June 17, 2021—”The story written by John DiStaso in his NH Primary Source column is disturbing to say the least. That the NH Youth Movement, whatever that is, has “targeted” Manchester as a place that needs to defund police is as disturbing as it is dangerous.

Not only do we need to do what we can to provide our police with the resources they need to do their jobs safely and well, we must also beat back the attempts to strip them of qualified immunity protection and indict them as inherently racist predators looking for an opportunity to abuse non-white citizens.

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“The rule of law is the cornerstone of our Republic and of a civil society that protects the rights and lives of citizens. Our police officers are fundamental to maintaining the law and order that guarantees those rights. We need to defend them, not defund them. Pitting their funding against other policy preferences, whatever they may be, is needlessly divisive, undermines public safety, and is utterly unacceptable.”