So about that "Defund the Police" Pledge - Try "Ill Conceived" Instead of "Falter"? - Granite Grok

So about that “Defund the Police” Pledge – Try “Ill Conceived” Instead of “Falter”?

Minneapolis Riot Rubble

Many of us figured that the “Defund the Police” swooping fainting spell on the Left for “social justice” would collapse in on itself. All the rage against the rage.

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The Marxist Social Justices and the Social Engineers all thought that a simple turning of a screw (or screws, as in screw-ups and screw your Liberties) would make all things better and be able to beam with pride that they had “evolved” us past needing law enforcement? Or, patting themselves on the back and saying “good, one more impediment out of the way for REAL change from traditional America?”

Yep, karma and reality has bit them good and hard. Now they get to do Reconstruction all over again:

REPORT: Minneapolis Plan To Defund The Police Collapses, City Council Members ‘Regret’ Making Pledge

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s plan to defund and then disband their local police force has “collapsed” according to a New York Times report from over the weekend. Some of the Minneapolis City Council members who pledged to abolish the city’s law enforcement — including the City Council president — now say they regret making that promise.

The Times headline blares that the “pledge to dismantle the police department has collapsed,” and notes that “a majority of City Council members promised to ‘end policing as we know it’” after George Floyd died while in the custody of the Minneapolis police department. Instead, though “they became a case study in how idealistic calls for structural change can falter.”

Falter. Isn’t it just SO delicious that the “Grey Lady that has passed away” chose the word “falter”? In the hopes that someone better (as it turns out, the city councilors weren’t the “right ones” to implement a Socialist agenda item – again) will come along, pick up that torch, and make it work. Funny this thing, human nature, keeps getting in the way.

Falter – really, a term of misconduct, a lack of courage, a lack of trying long and hard enough. In the best sense of the word, it means striving beyond one’s weight class against insurmountable odds. Good intentions, just not enough strength. Too bad these self-righteous incompetents didn’t have good intentions nor any backbone to see it all through. I guess $500+ million of damage of a debacle to other peoples’ stuff got them worried about their Number One job – getting themselves re-elected.

And who can forget Lisa Bender’s own words of wisdom from the witless (emphasis mine for the purposes of “laughing snarkiness):

Back in June, the Minneapolis City Council was clear that the Minneapolis Police Department was on borrowed time. The City Council president, Lisa Bender — a self-described progressive — told residents that she had a vision of a “transformative new model of public safety” and now-famously added that anyone worried that a lack of law enforcement would result in a spike in crime was speaking from a place of “privilege.”

At the time, Bender even challenged her fellow council members to stick with the plan to dismantle the MPD, lest they be complicit in “white supremacy.”

“If you are a comfortable white person asking to dismantle the police I invite you to reflect: are you willing to stick with it? Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins? Are you willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?” she mused.

This is the hubris of ideology. As I said above, these kinds of folks have all KINDS of “visions” that include me and you and not really with our consent. Like Governor Sununu, they have not the humbleness of proper elected officials that believe people should run their own lives as they see fit but the Mantle of Greatness befitting someone that got just that one more vote than the other guy.

So she starts from a position of Progressive Privilege by calling all other People of Pallor (a self-loathing form of racism; it’s ok to apply to yourself but that Privilege sure kicked in when talking about folks you don’t even know. And I thought stereotypes were bad!). Privilege, White Supremacy; well, I’m kinda comfortable being White because in reality, I have to be. Unless I want to be a fraud like Rachel Delezal, I’m as pale as can be and can’t do much about. Sometimes, a big part of being content with who you are is to accept the things you can’t change. That includes getting old but that’s beside the point.

The other part of Privilege is not telling people what you’re going to do while campaigning. Did she and her other busybody councilors campaign on the platform of “we’re gonna change your lives upside down – we’re putting out the welcome mat for criminal behavior – deal with our new system of no law enforcement at all! After all, it’s ALL our fault, Society’s that those poor dears have to steal to feed themselves and their families and commit acts of violence to ‘release their anger and emotions’ “.

But now, we’re seeing that she ISN’T “willing to stick with it”? No skin off her back except for a title she probably didn’t deserve. Neither did all those business owners deserve to have their businesses wrecked, set on fire, and put out of business. And then having the City hand them a bill for demolition of the ruins for the privilege of not being protected by Minneapolis police.

A space to destroy. Will voters give these councilors to weasel word their way out of the mess they created?

“Councilor Andrew Johnson, one of the nine members who supported the pledge in June, said in an interview that he meant the words ‘in spirit,’ not by the letter,” according to the NY Times. “Another councilor, Phillipe Cunningham, said that the language in the pledge was “up for interpretation” and that even among council members soon after the promise was made, ‘it was very clear that most of us had interpreted that language differently.”’

“Lisa Bender, the council president, paused for 16 seconds when asked if the council’s statement had led to uncertainty at a pivotal moment for the city,” the NY Times adds. “’I think our pledge created confusion in the community and in our wards,’ she said.”

Talk about a time to no longer give elected officials the hiding spot of qualified immunity. These chuckleheads were most likely all good with the removal of qualified immunity from their police. Now, do the mirror thing and say after me: “I should be held personally liable for the results of my policies”.

But, the voters put them into office. Will they figure out that doing the same thing again is going to result in a different outcome?

(H/T: The Daily Wire)