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Minneapolis Democrats Successfully “Replace Police” with More Crime and Violence

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Minneapolis is ground zero for the latest installment of the Democrat Party’s ongoing mini-series, Mob Rules. It’s a live street performance with touring “companies” all across America. Destroying minority businesses and displacing minority workers in the name of, um, well, minority rights.

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In response to the violent riots protests, the Minneapolis’s city council partially defunded the police with a promise to replace them. With what? More crime, by the look of it.

I know, on paper, they claim the plan would phase out armed, trained, police officers and replace them with councilors and therapists (“violence interrupters”) tasked with diffusing potentially violent situations.

How is that working out?


The Minneapolis Police Department’s crime data shows a rise in assaults, robberies and homicides, as well as property crimes and arson, according to Minnesota Public Radio. More people have been killed in the city in the first nine months of 2020 than those slain in all of last year.


Not unexpected, unless you are one of those very clever Democrats who can’t explain why they are so much smarter than everyone else. I can explain it. You’re not.

Not only is no one diffusing violent situations, but there are also too few officers available to respond after the fact – which is typically how these things work. Police are called to a scene, collect statements, evidence, and then attempt to locate the perpetrator(s).

The deterrent is getting caught and punished for violating the community standards, for lack of a better term. If the curve on resources to facilitate this are in decline, people who are not quite as smart as Democrats understand that crime may rise to take advantage of the improved odds of getting away with it. That they may be able to improve their own circumstances at the expense of others without waiting for the Government to do that for them

Eliminate the middle man even if that is a social worker with no close-combat skills, weapons training, or anything beyond a list of forms to complete with questions like, how does this make you feel?

Quick question. Who responds then the “violence interrupters” live is interrupted (and ended) by violence?


The Democrats running Minneapolis can’t seem to understand why more people are not just trying to get away with it but succeeding.

The obvious answer is, not enough “violence interrupters” and that. apparently, if the fault of the Minneapolis Chief of Police; after the City Council stood up and called her cops racists, backed rioters, and demonstrated no political will to support law enforcement whom they have promised to replace.

At least one-hundred very smart cops have retired, quit, or gone on leave (I’d have expected that number to be larger).

The cumulative result of these policy-driven ‘improvements’ has resulted in an increase in “daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults, shootings, and street racing.”

Citizens calling to ask why the police are unresponsive are asking the right question but may not accept the real answer.

Your problems begin and end with the political leadership that has, for decades passed the laws and set the policy priorities and rules of engagement. The police are a tool of government. If you don’t like how your government uses the tools at its disposal, because they are your tools, you don’t toss out the tool, you replace the contractor – the politicians.

The problem, and this is true in every crime-riddled Democrat-run utopia, is not the police. It the politicians holding their leash and Democrats have been holding it for decades.

You don’t have a systemic racism problem or even a cop problem, you have a leadership problem, and until you change that, your circumstances are only going to get worse.