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Media Spins Round Right Baby Right Round After Biden Agrees With Defunding the Police

Joe Biden Screen Grab

Joey ‘Fingers’ Biden is a career corruptocrat who exposes his nude body to women against their will, touches girls, sniffs children, (there’s that rape thing), defrauds taxpayers, and the media covers for him. Their latest mission: Joe Biden does not want to defund the police.

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They fact-checked it, but they didn’t fact check this. Why is the same media that sells, celebrates, and supports weeks of “protests” to defund the police say their guy (Joey Fingers) didn’t say ‘defund the police?’


Tighten up your mask. Dizzy people ask fewer questions. It’s hard for them to hear what you are saying when your mouth is covered. Systemic Hypoxia improves the odds of a buy-in.

But our air is free and flowing, and we can hear and read.

The Trump War Room posted a video of Comrade Biden, who, when asked, “Can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding [from the police]?” Said, “Yes, absolutely.”

One more time. Should we take the money we currently give to the police for whatever it is they do and give some of it to someone or something else? Joe Biden – “Yes, absolutely.”

In a world where not increasing a budget is sold as a cut, taking money from an existing budget is…defuding!

Clear as Vodka? Da!

One more unpleasantry from the peasantry (watch the video, it is very short). That militarization about which Joey Fingers prattles. He and his old boss Obama are solely responsible for the size and scope of that newly discovered “frightmare.” They proposed it, promoted it, put the fun in funding it. Handed out huge grants (not to be confused with Hugh Grant) for cities like Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, NYC, even a few down and out college towns in the Granite State took the bait and ate.

Military vehicles for all our bitches!

That was Biden and Obama. History sucks. Explains the big erasers. Oops, better get rid of that.

Speaking of ‘getting rid of things’ tell whoever is working the strings that we can see you reading the answers off the papers on your desk.