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Democrat Governors – what a way to win hearts and minds

SHOT: First Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) Closed the Beaches. Then His Cops Ticketed Those Who Came to Look at Them. CHASER:  First Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) PLEADED for healthcare worker volunteers. Now he’s going to extract income taxes from those that responded

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You are responsible for me so I can control you (as I like)

Alternative title 1:  Community above the Individual Alternative title 2: the government has made us all our brothers’ keepers. That is a political philosophy called Communitarianism. The short definition is a feeling of community but on steroids with the control clamps being brought out of the secret drawers.

Should Americans Refuse To Go Back To Work?

Should Americans Refuse To Go Back To Work?

A question before us is: When the all-clear sounds, should Americans refuse to go back to work? Interestingly Democrat leadership is split. Speaker Pelosi thinks Americans can exist on ice cream from her freezer. That’s her plan.


Mr. Cuomo Goes to Washington to Beg Mr. Trump for Money

As noted last week, New York State has a 2.3 billion dollar spending problem. They already spent it. Plan to spend it. Benevolent government is expensive. It consumes lots of dollars. Mostly on the machine of government. Which rarely suffers when the collection plate comes up short. But 2.3 billion is a lot of Cheetos.