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Stick a Fork In Andrew Cuomo, He’s Done!

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The Cuomo has problems. His mishandling of the mishandling of his COVID19 Nursing home scandal is his undoing. He’s unpopular with his own Legislature. The FBI and DOJ are investigating him for obstruction. Cuomo is also facing civil litigation.

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Oh, and his own party is full of people whose political lives improve as his collapse. Stick a fork in him; he’s done.

And he’s lost AOC, not that there was much hope of keeping her on his side if he ever had her there. Cuomo is old new Democrat party (Socialist/Corporatist), and Ocasio-Cortez is New-New Democrat Party (Marxist). She has said that “in any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party.”

AOC probably sees this as an opportunity to push a farther left candidate into a race for Cuomo’s vacated seat.

With blood in the water and Cuomo combative and flailing, his chances of getting to his next re-election are dim. The odds of him winning that – from here – appear near-impossible.


The first sign that this was likely to end badly was when Democrat NY Attorney General — and aspirant for higher political office — Leticia James issued what has been called a “scathing” report of the Administration’s handling of the nursing home problems, showing that the Cuomo administration undercounted deaths in nursing homes by up to 50 percent.


The problems for Cuomo are small compared to that of New Yorkers. Given the rising tide-alternative from the farther-left, as bad as Andrew Cuomo is for New York State, the State is better off with him than anyone coming from his left. Talk about over a barrel.

That doesn’t mean a more moderate Democrat can’t succeed him, but AOC is a lightning rod for bid donors pushing the party farther left. And while Cuomo is a meaty target, AOC wants old new Democrat Chuck Schumer gone and a New New Democrat in his place.

Removing some of Schumer’old-guard support system is a great place to start.

Does Cuomo step down? He’s being investigated by the State and the Feds, his state, and Feds run by his own party. If the guy some said last summer should run for President needs to be gone, his party will eat him alive and pic the political remains for their own benefit.

If he’s smart he’ll leave for the good of the party and retire to Florida. New York already has a fork sticking out of it.