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Democrat Governors – what a way to win hearts and minds


SHOT: First Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) Closed the Beaches. Then His Cops Ticketed Those Who Came to Look at Them.

CHASER:  First Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) PLEADED for healthcare worker volunteers. Now he’s going to extract income taxes from those that responded

Health care workers who traveled from out of state to help with the COVID-19 outbreak in New York on a volunteer basis will have to pay New York state income taxes, according to WPIX-TV.  New York officials asked for additional help from across the country as the coronavirus spread more rapidly in New York City than anywhere else in the U.S.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said that without additional financial assistance from the federal government, New York will not be able to give those volunteer workers any kind of tax break. “We’re not in a position to provide any subsidies right now because we have a $13 billion deficit,” Cuomo said, according to WPIX.

So, those workers were just giving Andrew Cuomo a SUBSIDY? Can anyone get any more obtuse? And he’s now using them as “income tax/NY Deficit” hostages unless Congress bails him out?

Sure thing, pal – ask for help and playing on their emotions, help comes, put themselves at risk, and now all you want is their money.  Great guy, you are Andrew, great guy. Really thankful, huh? And now you want Congress to force MORE people to give you their money as well to bail out your sorry mismanaged butt?

Yeah, there’s some real compassion going on here.

OK, you Democrats/Socialists/Liberals/Progressives who are always ranting about corporations valuing “profit over people”, here’s Cuomo valuing “tax revenues over volunteers” – what’s your response? And we know you’re reading GraniteGrok so c’mon, give us YOUR opinion about NY Governor Andrew “Stab them in the back [of their wallets]” in proving that no good deed goes unpunished?