NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio are Dumb and Dumber - Granite Grok

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio are Dumb and Dumber

Federal Funds

SHOT: De Blasio announces $10K fines, checkpoints for travelers flouting NYC quarantine:: “Out-of-state travelers could face up to $10,000 in fines if they break New York City’s two-week quarantine rule and checkpoints will be set up at entry points into the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday.”

Currently, travelers from 35 high-risk infection states and Puerto Rico must quarantine for 14 days. Those flying into New York airports are also required to fill out a special travel form — or face a $2,000 fine. The new crackdown includes random checkpoints at major bridge and tunnel crossings and up to $10,000 fines for those caught breaking quarantine.

CHASER: Cuomo Begs Fleeing New Yorkers To Return From Connecticut, Hamptons After Revealing Top 1% Pay 50% Of State Taxes

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been begging rich people to return to New York City from their second-home retreats so they can pay taxes to help offset the state’s growing coronavirus-related revenue shortfall,” the New York Post reported Tuesday. “Our population, 1 percent of the population pays 50 percent of the taxes,” Cuomo said.

…Cuomo is fighting a “wealth tax” that’s set to be introduced in the state’s legislature with the backing of progressive Democrats because he’s concerned the coronavirus-related relocations will be made permanent, stripping both New York and New York City of much-needed tax money.

Well, that’s because Progressive Socialists such as yourself and those other Democrats in the legislature decided that Marx’s foundational philosophy, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” was a good platform for funding government.

And then not understanding, at least in this country, the taxed get to vote with their feet. And they have (with nudging from the WuFlu).

And given that technology is making “work is what you do and not where you are” more and more relevant for the rich, WHY would you want to return to NYC as it is today?

And the legislature wants to make it MORE horrible to live NY and NYC? Trump was right to move to Florida.

Andrew Cuomo only loves you for your money and if he was female we could call him a Golddigger. So, we’ll stick with “elected gigolo” for now.

Meanwhile, the self-acknowledged Communist Bill de Blasio is trying to turn NYC into THE place not to see irrespective of the Constitutional stricture on him or his office:

The Congress shall have power…To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

But then again, Communists don’t care what the Constitution says unless it helps their agenda. Otherwise, it’s dead to them.

Now, I have SERIOUS problems in how this Commerce Clause has been stretched WAY out of its original intent but I’m sure that what de Blasio wants to do is far outside of it.

The Left-Hand doesn’t know what the “Lefter Hand” is doing. Bill de Blasio is doing checkpoints which will make it less likely that folks would want to “return” to NYC.

Meanwhile, Gov. Cuomo is PLEADING for the rich to return to NYC so he can get their tax monies that they took with them when they left. Which is the worst horribleness to someone looking in from the outside?

I’ve been there (on business), and don’t want to return. Just don’t stop me on my way through to a more Liberty loving place (NJ, PA don’t pass that sniff test either).

Yep, some coordination effort there, you two. The people in NY deserve you both – after all, you keep voting them in.

Just wait until that $30 Billion deficit comes due.