“Ask anyone committed to Marxist analysis how many angels on the head of a pin, and you will be asked in return to never mind the angels, tell me who controls the production of pins.” ­—Joan Didion


 Defeated Democratic state Senator Maggie Hassan made it official today that she will be running for governor in 2012. In her usual hokum, Hassan touted the typical big government solution to prop up the economy. As reported in the Union Leader, Maggie the Marxist, “stressed the need to create jobs by “investing” in education and job training programs and by fostering a business climate that attracts innovative small businesses and new technologies.” Translation: “investing” equals big-government spending and solutions…equals heavy taxation to raise such revenues. Such notions were brought with her as a carpet-bagging “massplant” to the Granite State. 

The Union Leader reported that “Maggie the Marxist” pledged to be a fiscally responsible governor who would veto any sales or income tax and commit herself to a balanced state budget.  This is laughable given her extensive record as a State Senator.  My fellow Blogger Steve MacDonald absolutely nailed it on back October 5th when he wrote:

  Hassan is a left wing, government first, spend then tax Democrat who wants socialized medicine, supports abortion from conception to birth (also here), and was more than willing to trample on opponents with the “Sullivan/Hassan Hates Speech (the left can’t control) amendment.” (also here, and here, …)  She is also willing to lie about her opponents to get re-elected.

In her press conference Hassan called House Speaker William O’Brien, and Ovide Lamontagne a“group of extremists” who have turned their backs on the state’s citizens.

“Right now in Concord, Speaker O’Brien’s Legislature has turned its back on the people of New Hampshire. It has embraced an ideologically-driven agenda that fails to create any opportunity for New Hampshire families,” Translation: They won’t do the nanny-state agenda we set in motion.

Republican Party Chair Wayne MacDonald correctly pointed out Hassan’s record penchants for supporting and proposing more than 80 tax and fee increases while in office.

 And again to quote Steve MacDonald, “Hassan is a leftist trying to run to the center and her party, the press, and even a few establishment Republicans will likely support the Moderate Maggie narrative if they suspect that they’ll have more influence with her in Concord than they would with a Republican in the Governors’ office.” That analysis cannot be any clearer.


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