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Maggie Hassan

schumer clown shoes

Criminals, Illegals, and the Voting Dead

We’ve all said that Maggie Hassan was just a tool of Chuck Schumer, Biden’s NY stooge in the US Senate. We knew that Chuck’d say jump, and Maggie would fling herself off that adjustable springboard Schumer issues to every US senator he keeps in his menagerie.

Maggie The Red Hassan

Imagine, Maggie Hassan Stepping on a Bolduc Poster

There is a mistaken notion afoot in our cherished land that you are actually voting for the Democratic Party when you get tired of the reprehensible Republicans and their cowardice in the face of Pelosi and Mitch McConnell’s latest retreat in the face of threatened left-wing media attacks.

2020 Candidate, Corky Messner

From Under a Colorado Rock

Well, it seems that the Corky Messner has been sniffing around NH again, having recently crawled out from under his Colorado Rock.

Maggie Hassan official portrait

Senate Dem Maggie Hassan Is ‘Colluding’ With Russia

When she was Governor Hassan, Maggie took a trip to Turkey a while back and completely ignored the human rights violations, especially against women. So, receiving a maximum primary contribution from a Lobbyist for Russian Energy interests can’t be that big of a deal.

Demorrhoids Everywhere

The Red Tent

There was a movie from the 1970s with Peter Finch, Sean Connery, Hardy Kruger about an Italian expedition to the North Pole with a zeppelin, which crashes and the survivor’s huddle in a tattered ‘Red Tent’, the movie’s title.

Maggie Hassan official portrait

“Wake up Maggie , I Think I Got Something to Say to You…”

Maggie Hassan representing New Hampshire is up for re-election to the US Senate in 2022. She must not be re-elected. Maggie believes shoplifting, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and malicious destruction of property are crimes that should not be prosecuted.