“Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.” Bo Bennett 


In a letter to French Scientist Jean-Baptiste Le Roy in November of 1789, Benjamin Franklin quipped those ever long-enduring and famous words, “[B]ut in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes … ” It would appear Franklin had not contemplated the certainty of blow-hard political hacks and self-aggrandizing opportunists.

Upon Seeing the Union Leader Headline Tuesday, “Gov. Lynch will leave office very popular, and for good reason“, and who the author was,  predictable is the litany and diatribe that follows. And, with the whole and complete certainty of death and taxes, the “Shrill Kathy” hath delivered. In the 779-word bloviation, the “Shrill Kathy” delivered a mere 199 words extolling Lynch’s virtues and reserved the remaining 580 words for her usual and expected attack on Republicans, checkered with a contrast and comparison-like tone…Make no mistake about it…Lynch’s announcement, as with most other political events, is a mere pretext for her visera.

Citing Lynch’s popularity, The “Shrill Kathy” informs, “John Lynch has been an effective, steady leader in both good times and bad … “ Effective Leader? PLEASE… Governor Lynch has been an absolute consummate political coward. A charlatan who puts finger-to-air checking the political wind prior to any action on an issue. People are more discerning than the “Shrill Kathy” attributes them and understand our often complex societal political fabric. The average voter make concessions for politicians who truly care about some things and not-so-much about others…Lynch was a master at buffaloing people. Show up at a Sportsman’s event, he would greet attendees in a manner that suggested he passionately cared about them or their issues and turn around and stab them in the back with various legislative initiatives.

Lynch is a survivalist…an unpunctured tire on the road of nails…a true Machiavellian, compartmentalizing each and every issue for leveraging his personal political gain. It cannot be said that Lynch is not a master at Kabuki Theatre when he was hard at work walking around shaking hands with people and passing out cards. Wherever one could see Lynch appear, there was certainly some political gain to be had.

“Scandal-ridden, melodramatic single term of the Benson administration;  crazed ideologue wing of the Republican Party; bizarre legislation; Speaker O’Brien…’a low rent version of Boss Tweed'” are all characterizations of political stage managers like the “Shrill Kathy”. Inversely, she fails to make any mention of The Ray Buckley computer scandal, The firing of the liquor commissioner, Lynch’s controversial advocacy for his patronage appointments where an appointee can continue to serve as long as Lynch elects not to bring his nominee before the council.  The Seacoast has been without a Fish & Game Commissioner for several years now because none of Lynch’s patron nominees can pass council muster. Campaigning on supporting traditional marriage and then embracing and signing the gay marriage bill…more hypocrisy and theatre.

In accusing the current legislature of being the, crazed ideologue wing of the Republican Party The “Shrill Kathy” overlooks House Bill 62 in the 2007 Session that would impose $250 fines on mothers and fathers if their child’s balloon finds itself drafting upward and away. Or Ted Rokas’ resolution urging that the United Kingdom return the Parthenon (Elgin) marbles to Greece. Or the endless and ubiquitous Bills Karla Skinder filed seeking to elevate animals to human status.

Lastly, the Shrill Kathy would have readers buy into the notion that Lynch’s reelection hinged on the single issue of Gay marriage. The same could be conceivably said of Unions, who despite all the money spent in the 2010, failed to stem the Republican landslide in November.  The Shrill Kathy fails to make one single mention of massive spending and  structural deficits now plaguing our present financial situation. The utopian promises of Speaker Norelli and the tax and spend crowd where they tried to fill the gap with massive fees and taxes. Oh wait…that’s all somehow the Republican’s fault.

This governor was never a leader. He was a hack, like Kathy Sullivan. A mere “Bartleby the Scrivener.” He simply smiled more, spoke softly, and pretended to care…Erstwhile his minions and surrogates were quietly sent out to put the  hatchet to his opposition, giving him that “nice-guy plausible deniability.  

As Lynch’s term sunsets and he licks his chops at the wild self-enriching post-gubernatorial opportunities that lay before him, Numerous will be those Granite-staters bidding him adieu, telling Governor Lynch not to let the door hit him in the ‘arse” on the way out.  As for the “Shrill Kathy”, opportunities will abound for her endless rank pandering, demagoguing, and finger pointing…always good fodder for amusement. Perhaps she will make a trip to Concord to get her pat on the head.


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