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How Deadly is Covid?

Virginia Extends Coronavirus Lockdown to Mid-June

This: Meanwhile Scott Gottlieb, whose recommendations apparently are driving the federal government’s response, is talking about August as when we can expect to return to “some elements” of our “normal lives”: If we keep this country on lockdown until July or August, there will be no “normal” to come back to. The economy is not …

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Virginia Capitol Fence

The Virginia Lesson

Now that the Virginia Gun rally is over, we have to acknowledge that it was indeed a noble, valiant effort. But it was also wasted – too little, too late. They gathered in force, but they were shackled, restricted from carrying firearms on their own State Capitol plaza.  They were fenced-off and caged into a …

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Virginia Richmond Rally

Are pro-Second Amendment supporters being set up?

Are pro-Second Amendment supporters are we being set up? A “conservative” Virginia state senator has sounded a warning. She is doing this three days before a massive rally is set to coalesce in the Richmond, Virginia, the commonwealth’s capital.