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Gov. Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam Outlaws Private Gun Sales in Virginia


Democrat Governor Ralph Northam promised to constrain gun rights in Virginia and he’s doing that. He signed several bills in the past week. VA now limits gun buyers to one firearm per month. Another bill punishes gun owners who do not report the theft of their firearms within 48 hours.

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The worst of the three is the universal background check bill. It effectively ends private sales. Any gun transfer will have to include a dealer and any cost to process an additional background check on law-abiding gun owners who have already passed background checks to possess firearms in the first place.

Criminals don’t follow existing background check requirements. The addition of this burden on law-abiding citizens will have zero impact on the illegal transfer of weapons to ineligible persons.

This is also true for the other bills signed into law. No criminal is going to limit their acquisition of illegal arms because the governor added a limit to how many law-abiding citizens may acquire. And the criminal who steals a gun certainly won’t be getting a background check (on that private transfer) nor limiting themselves to one theft per month.

So, once again, we see that what Democrats call sensible measures designed to increase public safety do the opposite. And we don’t have to look far for proof. Any number of Democrat-run cities have these measures and more and they continue to be some of the most violent places in the world.


When criminals have high confidence in their force advantage you always get more crime. Especially gun-related crimes.

Northam and the Democrats just made Virginia less safe. Well, except in those places that have declared themselves second-amendment sanctuaries. And that would be most of Virginia. So, the real challenge is if or how the State of Virginia intends to enforce these laws in places that have declared them unconstitutional.

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