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Virginia Dems Want to Override Local Zoning Control for “Multi-Family” Housing (Like NH!)

Soviet-style multi-family High density housing

New Hampshire is pushing a bipartisan plan to relinquish Concord, the Courts, and Developers of the burden of local zoning. Why? Well, in Virginia some who also want more dense multi-family housing think single-family suburban homes are racist.

[House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah] wrote on Facebook, “Because middle housing is what’s most affordable for low-income people and people of color, banning that housing in well-off neighborhoods chalks up to modern-day redlining, locking folks out of areas with better access to schools, jobs, transit, and other services and amenities.”

White identity politics. Like Merry Christmas. Keeping the people of color down.

Not true. Democrat policies create more minority poverty than suburban zoning, but admitting that doesn’t advance the broader regional planning agenda, which would,

“…completely change the character of suburban residential life, because of the urbanization that would develop,” …“So much of the American dream is built upon this idea of finding a nice quiet place to raise your family, and that is under assault. “This is a power-grab to take away the ability of local communities to establish their own zoning practices … literally trying to change the character of our communities…”

That’s the point.

CNHT Vice-Chair Jane Aitken has fisked New Hampshire’s effort. We republished it here earlier today, and while it is long, you need to read it.  The problems are the same. Experts want to force urban density without regard to the benefits and why we don’t have it or want it.

NH’s “advantage” is that housing trends have developed in communities organically, based on the demand of like-minded consumers. Could this be the reason we have lower unemployment, and less crime than other states, as well as good job market?

When people refuse to do what the ruling class wants, change the laws, and take away their authority.

I should note that many of these same experts think New Hampshire is too white. A product not of economics but choice. Many many millions of middle and upper-class minorities simply choose not to live here for more reasons than we can count, not the least of which might be that half the year it is just too damn cold. But ‘experts’ have declared it an issue and gather to ponder ways to fix it. Conveniently, they arrive at decades-old solutions that mimic longstanding globalist goals for America.

Taking away your local zoning rights was a priority during the Obama years, and long before anyone decided, we needed group-think (and prompt action) on excessive Granite State whiteness. The new hotness of high-density (affordable) housing is just another path to the same progressive goal. White guilt or white hate is a feature of the time. Mix them, and maybe they can guilt you into letting them rob you of local rights.

In Virginia, the majority Democrat legislature and Democrat governor are ready to ram through anything like this, and maybe (like with firearms) will rise to create zoning sanctuaries.

Here in New Hampshire, the Democrat Legislature and Republican governor are in on the scheme, and no county delegation is going to rise up to do anything to protect local zoning or property rights. They are the same people, more or less looking to rob you of your zoning rights.

It is up to local residents, taxpayers, the voters to stop this in the Granite State. And you have to start now.

WUWT | Daily Caller

Nostalgia: Image – Soviet-style multi-family High-density housing

Update: An earlier version of this post stated the source as The Daily Wire. The link was correct but the text was not. It should have read the Daily Caller.