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The Virginia Lesson

Virginia Capitol Fence

Now that the Virginia Gun rally is over, we have to acknowledge that it was indeed a noble, valiant effort.

But it was also wasted – too little, too late.

They gathered in force, but they were shackled, restricted from carrying firearms on their own State Capitol plaza.  They were fenced-off and caged into a control box the size of a city grid.

And what happened makes no difference to the Leftists in their legislature.  They have the majority and they aren’t planning on wasting it. 

The time to act was 4 years ago, when the outside money and activism came pouring into their State, leading to Leftists takeover of their House, then their Senate, and finally the Governor’s office – it was a patient political coup and Republicans/Conservatives let it happen.

Virginia was once a Red state – but not today.

Here in NH, I’ll guess we are where Virginia was 2-3 years ago.  Our House, Senate and Executive Council are blue.  Outside money comes in every election cycle, growing every year.  Fortunately, this time around, we had a Republican Governor who vetoed all of the anti-2A legislation he got – but we are one election away (1o months) from facing the very same fate as Virgina – where we can only scream about losing our gun rights but can’t do anything more.

Today, a handful of people are very active in the political trenches, making their case at public hearings, talking to Senators and Representatives, eliciting help wherever they can get it.  But, sadly, most remain in the shadows, only active on election day, if even that, relying on others to carry the fight.

Virginia had a lot of people in the shadows too.  Too little, too late.

We still have a chance to keep NH a 2A sanctuary state – but the clock is ticking.

This time next year, will we look back, like many in Virginia today, asking ourselves, “what else we could we have done?”, “who else could we have recruited?” or “how creative could we have been?”

Will the “we will not comply!” slogan of defeat be our only recourse?

Or will we have a sense of accomplishment and victory, successfully fighting off the Leftist attacks once again, ready to keep fighting on?

The fight never ends, my friends.  That is, unless we choose not to fight in the first place.