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Revenge Politics: Virginia Dems “Shoot Down” Proposed Pay Raise for County Sheriffs

Virginia Senate

A Virginia state senator moved to amend the state budget. No, not more money for abortions, or licenses for illegals. He wanted to give the state’s County Sheriffs a 3% hike in pay. After the budget amendment failed the sponsor says the Dem Senate Majority Leader told him why?

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When I went to get a vote count from the clerk, Majority Leader Dick Saslaw came up and said this to me: “Hey Stanley, you want to know why your sheriffs didn’t get a raise? —because they came to our committees and said that they weren’t going to enforce our laws.” When I asked him which law was he talking about, he said “gun control”.

Tonight (just now) on the Senate floor, I tried to amend the state budget to give all of our men and women of Virginia’s…

Posted by Senator Bill Stanley on Thursday, February 20, 2020

Democrats wouldn’t do that, would they? Bitterly Cling to their government god and anti-gun laws?

As of this writing, there has been no public response to Sen. Stanley’s statement, probably because it is true. But even if it were not the reporting suggests that Sheriffs in Virginia are poorly paid. This has resulted in staffing issues in some locations. And while 3% isn’t that big a deal, 3% is not that big a deal.

Democrats, who already have a PR problem when it comes to law enforcement could have garnered a smidgen of goodwill. Instead, they all voted against the cost of living increase.

That rejection includes pay for the deputies in the four counties that did not pass sanctuary policies.

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