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Are pro-Second Amendment supporters being set up?

Virginia Richmond Rally

Are pro-Second Amendment supporters are we being set up? A “conservative” Virginia state senator has sounded a warning. She is doing this three days before a massive rally is set to coalesce in the Richmond, Virginia, the commonwealth’s capital.

Jared Harris is reporting on the situation brewing in Virginia for Western Journal.

The warning

State Senator Amanda Chase of District 11 took to Facebook on Friday.  She posted a warning for everyone who plans to attend the pro-Second Amendment rally Monday in Richmond. We know Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued an executive order temporarily banning firearms in the Capitol Square.

Chase wrote. “I want you to be aware of how we are being set up… Does the Patriot Act ring a bell? Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell?” Chase argues that these laws could be used to label pro-Second Amendment activists as “domestic terrorists.” She specifically warned those who are planning to attend wearing military fatigues or rocking militia insignia.

“The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen,” Chase wrote. “He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection.” It’s not just militia members and those wearing camouflage who have reason to worry. According to Chase, even some military veterans have been flagged as potential threats. “They are kicking things into high gear,” Chase wrote. “Military veterans were/are even listed as a potential domestic terrorist.”

Other parties heard from

“We were told not once, but several times by the current President, ‘It’s Not Me they are after, It’s You, The American People.’”  Northam indeed claims to have intelligence that some of the groups attending the Monday rally will be intent on insurrection. However, this is the first time we have seen such a dire warning from a state official like Chase. Pro-Second Amendment supporters are we being set up?

Chase’s post could be hyperbolic, there’s no doubt that the stakes are high for the Monday event. Despite Northam’s emergency gun ban, it’s unclear how many of the tens of thousands of expected rally attendees will obey his decree. The Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Owners of America, two groups behind the massive rally, attempted to battle Northam’s order in court.

They appealed all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court, where Northam’s gun ban was upheld on Friday.  Hopefully, violence can be avoided. But with many rally-goers almost certainly unwilling to bend on their right to bear arms and Northam seemingly intent on enforcing his order with state and local police, we can only wait and see.


The reason we have a second amendment is for protection from a tyrannical government. Northam’s government is that. The man supports infanticide and bans guns. Now he is planning to use the government’s police against its citizens. It is reported that 86 of 95 counties in Virginia have declared themselves second amendment Sanctuary jurisdictions.  Think about that 86 of 95 counties support the second amendment and the governor is banning guns…

If we take Antifa at their word, there almost certainly will be violence.  The group does not appear without property damage and physical injuries. The group may support the second amendment. However, it is probably too extreme, too leftist for its members to interact peacefully with conservative groups. The values clash is probably too great to expect that to occur.

If you are planning on going to the demonstration, prepare yourself. The cameras are on whether you can see them or not. Many of the police will not be in uniform. The arrests may come long after the demonstration is over. Know what the governor’s executive order says. You can go right up to the edge of it, but not past the edge. If all hell breaks loose they will invoke hot pursuit to apprehend those they safely can. That doesn’t mean the rest get away. They simply remain free for a while.

Reasonable precautions

The senator is probably correct about the governor’s intention to create a setup. He and his forces will need a trigger incident to spring the trap. They may provide their own trigger. That depends on their advantage in numbers and quality of arms. That may be why Antifa has announced its intention to attend. Know where you are and who you are with. Don’t let comradery be your guide. The law, in this case, is not your friend, if you are demonstrating.

This is how democrats rule. They do not care about the constitution or the law except in how they can use those things against the citizenry or to protect themselves. I am not saying don’t stand up for your rights. Do stand for your rights but don’t be lured into a compromised position. Remember there is safety in numbers. You will probably be out gunned and strategically funneled into a kill/apprehension zone. Maintain your situational awareness. Pro-Second Amendment supporters are we being set up?