'Virginia is for Behavior Modification' as Dems Raise Gas Tax "to Keep People Home" - Granite Grok

‘Virginia is for Behavior Modification’ as Dems Raise Gas Tax “to Keep People Home”

New Gas Tax

Virginia is reaping a whirlwind of pain as a result of letting Democrats take complete control of State Government. And while the anti-gun bills (and anti-speech bills) get most of the attention, if you elect Democrats, you will end up with higher taxes. Because they know what’s good for you.

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Virginia Democrats agreed to a deal raising gas taxes in the state by a total of 10 cents over the next two years, a move party leadership said would give people “more time with their families.”

Unless you need to drive somewhere to see them. Oh, crap, they forgot about that part. Or, maybe they didn’t. Democrats have a way of making every corner of your life a little more expensive every chance they get. A tax here, a fee there. The gas tax hike (and don’t forget TCI is in their pipeline) is part of a strategy.

Democrats are planners. They plan. Virginia Democrats added money to the Corrections budget in expectation of arresting citizens who were reluctant to part with their squirrel guns, and whatever it is the planning planners decide is an assault weapon.

Baltimore Democrats gave rioters space to destroy. Virginia Democrats are creating space to detain which would make the gas tax moot if no one can drive because you locked them up. But for those who don’t find themselves under arrest or red-flagged the plan is to, well, make you stay home.

“This is a historic agreement that will give Virginians more time with their families and less [time] stuck in traffic,” Virginia House of Delegates speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D.) said.

Again, what business is it of yours. And hey, what if you have a long commute or have to drive for work? What if you don’t like your family? What makes you the expert on any of this?

They are not, but then it hardly matters. The chatter is just cover for raising taxes which they must.

But wait! there’s more!

After the increase goes into effect, the tax will be tied to the inflation rate. Virginia’s vehicle-registration fee will also be reduced by $10.

Wow. Ten dollars after two years and the tax just keeps going up. 

And when people are staying at home “with their families” instead of shopping or eating out, well, don’t you worry. Democrats will have a fix for the decreased hours and lost wages and jobs. And yes, it will do exactly the opposite of what they say.

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