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There is Pressure for Change

There is Pressure for Change

There is pressure for change. Does that mean the nation wants or needs different values and principles? Right now we have more access to more good information than at any point in history by a lot. This should be, can be information nirvana.

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement

Local Jurisdictions Should Not Shield Criminals from ICE

Only American citizens can protect America. It is our responsibility to demand politicians and our senior law enforcement do their job. Their job is that which they have sworn an oath to do. Namely, that is protecting America and most importantly protecting our children.

Save the Eagle Eggs? Yes! Save innocent Unborn Babies? Not so much

The Left is always predictable – all about “saving” things that fit in “nature” – but not just babies.  Babies from other species – you bet that they need protection.  Your future brother?  Sister? Cousin?  Friend? Expendable. As Brietbart observed, politics is downstream from culture and The Left has definitely screwed up our culture to …

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The Voluntary Exclusion Party

  In a previous post, I considered the question:   How can people who prefer safety to freedom coexist with people who prefer freedom to safety? I discussed a way in which a political party could directly provide single-payer services to the people who want them, instead of focusing on gaining control of government in order to …

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