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Attacks from the Left

Replacing God with Government

Today’s attacks from the left are against two of America’s most essential values. Those values are faith and family. These two essential pillars serve as stabilizing factors in any society. The attacks on faith and family seem to be relentless.

What Type of Person Is an American?

What Type of Person Is an American?

What type of person is an American? Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln each used the term “the self made man” in describing Americans. Both are great Americans and they come from different beginnings.


Notable Quote – Harlan Hill

What America is going through right now is not merely another, more intense round of “cancel culture.” We’re now in the midst of a full-force, totalitarian remolding of our society, one that seeks to place the petty resentments of an outraged minority of leftist activists above everything else in American life. Because of their willingness …

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Educational Methods and Values and Principles

We are seeing declining results from changes in educational methods and values and principles. Perhaps it is some of both. Either way, the education ship is sailing in the wrong direction. Testing results send us the message loudly and clearly.

Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat’s Primary is Down to Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat Party is offering America an unusual choice, and crazy is winning. The front runner is crazy Uncle Joe Biden. He is obviously struggling to keep it together. The party is providing him with handlers. The public needs protection from the candidate.