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Dirty Dan Feltes

Dan Feltes is Trapped in a Political Box Canyon of His Own Making

Remember back when Ted Cruz was persona non grata among his fellow Republican Senators because he had convinced House Republicans to defund Obamacare, which led to a government shutdown … how his critics kept saying that Cruz had led Republicans into a political “box canyon”? Well … I don’t know if that really was so …

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Graph - Diminishing Returns

Higher Tax, Less Rehiring

With the pandemic driven business shutdowns, New Hampshire is expecting enough of a drop in Business Enterprise Tax (BET) to trigger a tax rate increase under a law passed a few years ago. The BET is a tax on having employees.

A Medical Necessity, a National Catastrophe

The economic paralysis we’re suffering today is catastrophic, but it’s just what the doctor ordered. Looking back, it’s clear the medical profession was caught off guard by the coronavirus.  When it first appeared in China, the medical community here was, at most, cautiously concerned.

New Hampshire Coronavirus

Isn’t That Interesting

We may have sheltered in place a little too long… The Coronavirus started in Wuhan, isn’t that interesting. Did you know that the distance from Wuhan to Shanghai is 537 miles? The driving distance from Wuhan to Beijing is 720 miles. Did you know the driving distance from Wuhan to Milan is 6,724 miles? The …

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At Best, the Governor is in Deep Denial

So last night the Murray Model abandoned its doomsday Coronavirus projections for New Hampshire. We had a post up almost as soon as the model was updated: Murray Model Drops Doomsday Projections – No Excuse Left Not to End the Lockdown