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Dan Feltes is Trapped in a Political Box Canyon of His Own Making

Dirty Dan Feltes

Remember back when Ted Cruz was persona non grata among his fellow Republican Senators because he had convinced House Republicans to defund Obamacare, which led to a government shutdown … how his critics kept saying that Cruz had led Republicans into a political “box canyon”?

Well … I don’t know if that really was so much a box canyon as cowardice by his GOP colleagues, because when Pelosi and Schumer refused to fund the border wall with Mexico… which also led to a government shutdown … I cannot recall the term “box canyon” being used to describe the position of the Democrat Party. But Dan Feltes finds himself in a real political box canyon.

By any objective standard, Sununu’s top policy failure is his handling of COVID.

Sununu caved to Democrat pressure and “locked down” the State (Chris and his team of sycophants call it “coopting the issue”) … then continued the lockdown even when it was obvious the models upon which the lockdown was predicated (“two weeks to flatten the curve”) were total junk.

Maintaining the lockdown crushed certain sectors of the State’s economy, and destroyed significant numbers of jobs and ruined many service and retail businesses. It has been undeniable for some time that lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of COVID … there is no consistent difference between States and countries that locked down and didn’t lock down. Indeed, by far the worst COVID outcomes in America were in States with the strictest lockdowns.

But Dan Feltes cannot talk about any of this because the lockdown was his Party’s idea AND to the extent that he has criticized Sununu it has been for NOT being dictatorial enough.

Needless to say, the Sununu-sycophants would say that the above ignores Sununu’s polling, that massive majorities approve of Sununu’s handling of COVID.

That is because Sununu has been gaslighting us for months and the press and the Democrats have also been gaslighting us.

COVID is NOT anywhere near as deadly a disease as initially claimed. Indeed, except for the very elderly and those with certain serious preexisting conditions, COVID is less dangerous than the flu. The lockdowns did nothing to “flatten the curve” … the models were junk. The lockdowns came at an enormous economic and societal cost.

Yet nobody with a bully-pulpit is talking about any of that. Instead, we get constant gaslighting, such as WMUR constantly tallying the number of cases (never telling us about the incidence of false positives or how many cases are the same person being tested more than once) as if every new case were an apocalyptic event.

If we heard as much about the jobs, businesses and lives that Sununu’s lockdown has destroyed … about how States like South Dakota and countries like Sweden did not lock down and have better experiences than States and countries that did … about how arbitrary, capricious and nonsensical Sununu’s “guidance” is … his poll numbers would be in the gutter, not the stratosphere.

But Dan Feltes cannot talk about any of that. Because he owns the lockdown every bit as much as Sununu.

So instead Feltes will spend the next two months trying to convince us that taxing people’s incomes is not really an income tax.