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Biden’s Veepstakes Winner Wastes No Time Lying about Jobs and the Economy

Kamala Lies to Feed Yellow Journalism.

Democrat Senator Kamala Harris won the Biden veepstakes and immediately began to spread misinformation about President Trump and the administration.

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In her first “speech” as a VP candidate, Harris claimed that President Trump is responsible for the nation’s unemployment rate.

“The president’s mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression… [Trump] inherited the longest economic expansion in history… from Barack Obama and Joe Biden… Then, like everything else he inherited… he ran it straight into the ground… Just look where they’ve gotten us… More than 16 million out of work.”

Harris looked into the cameras and said the president is responsible for those millions of lost jobs, lost due to catastrophic lockdowns.

Let’s unpack this a little bit

Economic shutdowns cost America dearly but then the goalposts were moved.

It started with “flattening the curve.” Then came “slowing the spread.” Next was “shutdown forever until there’s a cure.” Shutdown was the decision of mayors and governors. That decision resides in states and cities, not the White House. That’s just what happened Kamala.

The president has encouraged states to do what is best for the people living there. POTUS was yielding to the power of federalism. He is following the Constitution. America is now saddled with the draconian Democrat decisions. They have run amuck operating with impunity.

The states and cities are exercising unbridled emergency powers which they refuse to lift. This, despite no longer having an epidemic to deal with.  They have made the unavoidable economic downturn infinitely worse than it need have been. It is a self-inflicted Democrat sucking chest wound.

Speaking of Jobs

Before Governors shut down their states the Trump administration brought the nation to the lowest recorded unemployment rate for African Americans ever.

Why couldn’t Obama-Biden get to that point? Was it because to them Black Lives did not Matter? Or was it because they could not manage to grow the economy? Don’t throw the rock in the puddle if you don’t want mud on your shoes.

The Trump administration added 6.7 million new jobs from January 2017 through January 2020. The president was pushing hard to add industrial jobs. He worked to keep manufacturing in the United States. In the booming economy, job confidence reached record highs. Trump cared about because he understood what is good for the economy helps people.

There is no reason, no truthful way to blame any continued economic hurt in America on this president.

Democrats in Congress do not push for freedom for employees and businesses they push for more shutdowns. They want enormous amounts of bailout money. Democrats are pushing huge unemployment benefits.

They are pushing for more micro-control. The Democrats leaders that are stopping America from going back to work. It is time they own the fact they are part of the problem. They are not part of the solution. Kamala lies to feed yellow journalism. She changed her positions have changed so many times all we know about her is she’s ambitious and willing to say or do anything.