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If America Is the Worst Country in the World Why Are You Here?

America flag sunrise field Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Seriously, since we are repeatedly told that the US is the worst country in the world, that we are , directly or indirectly, the cause of most atrocities in other countries, that white people are irredeemably oppressors, that people of color will always be oppressed, why are you here?

Obviously, this question is being posed to a relatively small number of GraniteGrok readers. Most folks are in America because we are the freest country in the history of the Earth.

The capitalism that many citizens endorse has allowed more people to emerge from poverty than any other system in use.

Do we have flaws? Clearly. Is there a path to redemption? Obviously.

A quiz: how many countries or cultures had slavery? (I’ll wait while you look that up.) Now, what country was among the first to abolish it? (Hint: the initials are U, S, and A.) I think that there was a war over that, too.

How can you tell if something is racist (that is, judging people by their race)? Substitute “black” for “white” and then look at it again.

The Border Patrol reported that they stopped more than 180,000 people this past May compared to 27,000 in May 2020. Were these people looking for more hardships?

I think not.

Who knows whose flag the protesters yearning for freedom in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Cuba were waving? (Hint: it’s red, white, and blue and it’s not France.)

Another question: What is the difference between many of last year’s BLM and Antifa riots and the hubbub at the Capitol on January 6th? Both allegedly had a small percentage of participants engaging in violence.

One had significant property damage and personal injuries from which areas are still recovering. The other was resolved in a couple of hours.

One had armed participants who caused injuries, chased people in vehicles and then beat them, blocked people in vehicles and then beat them, and shot and killed people. (Who is saying David Dorn’s name?) The other had a small group of unarmed people who caused some property damage.

Oh, why do we almost instantly know the name of any police officer who is accused of inappropriate actions anywhere but in DC on the 6th? Not only do we not know the name of the officer that shot and killed unarmed Ashli Babbitt, but I read that said officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Where are those anti-police protests and the armchair quarterbacking of why less-than-lethal methods weren’t used? Don’t hold your breath.

I wish that certain groups would stop trying so hard to make the lamest “insurrection” in US history a big thing. It just wasn’t.

I also wish that half the effort being expended in tracking down everyone who was within 10 miles of the Capitol was being directed at, say, the people who tried to burn the Federal courthouse in Portland while there were people inside. (For those who care, in most states, arson of an occupied building allows deadly force to be used to stop it.

The occupants of the courthouse were apparently not allowed to use deadly force.