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Judge Rules: Men Kyle Rittenhouse Killed Cannot Be Called “Victims” During Trial

Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

While providing first aid to actual victims of the Mostly Peaceful™ protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse was allegedly set upon by thugs with ill intent. In the defense of his person, he shot three, killing two.

The Media lost their minds, the gun-grabbers tried to grab guns, and the progs predictably leaped left. Amid all the burning, assault, killing, and destruction, THIS was the biggest problem they could see. And to be fair, it is a problem. When their street thugs are breaking and burning, the last thing they want is for people to defend themselves.

Assuming that’s what this is. I’ve seen a few clips, and it looks like that to me, but I don’t get to decide.

Jury selection begins next week, and legal teams on both sides received a warning from the judge.

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Thou shalt not refer to the deceased as victims.


Judge Bruce Schroeder ruled that prosecutors may not refer to the two men as “victims” at any point, saying that such a term would carry inherent bias and could unfairly color the jury’s opinion. Such a ruling is common when the jury is tasked with deciding if an action constitutes self-defense.

“The word ‘victim’ is a loaded, loaded word,” said Schroeder, according to the Chicago Tribune.


On the flip side, the defense received some instructions as well.


The defense can’t use “pejorative terms” in opening statements, specifically “rioter” and “looter,” to refer to the men killed by Rittenhouse. However, they may do so in their closing statements if they have provided sufficient evidence that the men Rittenhouse shot were, in fact, rioting and looting.


Were they rioting, looting, or just occupying some of the space the city created for others to do those things and happened upon Rittenhouse.

The event was recorded. Whether that proves self-defense or not (his lawyer says it does) will be a decision for the jury. A jury that I suspect will still hear the words, victim, looter, and rioter, even if it must be struck from the official record.

Here’s the video from his Lawyer care of the New York Post, which he claims demonstrates self-defense.

An alleged attacker appears to be holding a firearm.